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Digital Scanning and iTero!

We love getting rid of things that people hate. We can finally retire the goopy material that we use to take impressions of our teeth for lab cases. Our office is proud to announce the addition of our new friend, the iTero 5D Plus intraoral scanner. This will allow us to take a digital scan of your teeth that is digitally perfect. The scan is instantly sent to the lab which allows us to deliver your case faster with zero revisions. It also allows us to analyze your bite digitally in real time as well as compare previous scans to see what changes are happening in your mouth over time. And if you’re thinking of Invsialign, we can show you a simulation within 60 seconds of what your teeth might look like post-treatment. Similar to our smile design simulation process, we are putting you in the drivers seat.

Digital Radiographs

While dental radiographs (x-rays) are valuable diagnostic tools, we respect that each patient should be exposed to as little radiation as possible. That’s why we use digital radiographs to investigate areas that our eyes can’t see such as in-between teeth or under your gums. Digital x-rays use even lower amounts with an almost 90% reduction in exposure compared to traditional film x-rays. Getting your average cavity checking x-rays is equivalent to the same radiation that you get in daily life from the sun, your cell phone and other sources. To put it in perspective, an airplane ride from Toronto to London to go visit the Queen will expose you to the same radiation as 16 dental x-rays and that is not counting the airport security scanner which can be as much as 1000 times what is used for a medical chest x-ray. Simply put, dental x-rays are safe and are for your benefit so please take them when they are needed!
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DSLR Photography and Smile Design

DSLR photography is one of the most important tools we have in dentistry. It allows us to capture precise detail that we can use for treatment planning as well as communication with our technicians which ultimately provide a better treatment outcome. It also allows us to take you on a tour of your mouth as seen through our eyes. We can also create smile simulations so you can visualize the end treatment result before we even start.

Laser Dentistry

Used most often in gum treatments, this laser technology facilitates speedier and more comfortable healing.The laser enables us to offer patients precise and minimally invasive technology treatment. Its high affinity for soft tissue makes it an invaluable tool for esthetic sculpting of gums, accessibility, isolation and the healing of soft tissue. It differs from traditional methods in that it is more efficient and often faster. There is less post-operative discomfort for the patient and the bacteria levels in affected areas are reduced. There is virtually no collateral damage to healthy tissue.Overall, our laser dental procedures are safer, and healing time is reduced. They are highly effective, safe and gentle.Some of the soft-tissue procedures the DentalLaser is used for include:Reducing oral bacteria and other flora.Recontouring gum tissue.Healing for split lips.Treating cold soresReducing overgrown gumsRecovering dental implantsTreating inflammation around implants
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