Moderate Sedation

a woman smiling and holding her hands together
Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Does a strong gag reflex make it hard to go to the dentist? Then you may benefit from dental sedation!

At your consultation, your dentist will discuss the best anesthesia and sedation options for you, depending on the complexity of your procedure and the level of comfort required. Utilizing gentle medications that are well tolerated and quickly metabolized, allows for safe and comfortable procedures, with a quick and smooth recovery.
Our office is officially licensed for moderate sedation with Dr. Schlesinger providing the moderate sedation option for our patients. Moderate sedation involves the combination of an oral sedative along with laughing gas. The combination of the two will allow us to comfortably treat 99% of dental procedures without any discomfort or anxiety. It's also safe for children who have trouble sitting still in the dentist's chair.

Let us know if this sounds like something you would like during your next visit!