Ceramic Implants

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What are Ceramic Implants and Why Haven’t I Heard of Them Before?

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Ceramic Implants have many advantages over other dental implant materials.

Bio-compatible: Metal-free so you don’t have to worry about any allergies. The body loves zirconia oxide!

Gums love zirconium oxide: The tissue response we see with ceramic implants mimics a natural tooth!

No metal or grey lines: They are highly aesthetic. Even if the gum recedes, it only reveals more of the white tooth-like colour underneath.

Extremely strong: The has strength similar, and in some cases stronger, than other dental implant materials.
More hygienic than metal: That means it’s easier to clean!

Get your tooth faster: Ceramic implants are designed for immediate placement after removing a tooth, so there’s no need for multiple appointments and longer recovery time.

At 905 Dental, our philosophy is to offer our patients the latest and greatest that is out there. We always offer both options of dental implant materials and allow our patients to decide.